Monday, 16 July 2012

It's been a while....

..and I've felt very guilty! But seriously with so much going on recently (house move etc) a few things had to give and I think I hit the 15mm wall a while back. With boxes full of unpainted mini's I needed to regroup and recharge and so went to my other outlets such as finishing off a few 28mm projects and boardgaming, I think I might start posting about a few of these as there are some pretty neat games out there :) Anyway I now have a dedicated games room! how awesome is that! so I can go to my man cave and paint away at leisure, I still need to sort out a photo box as my previous one as destroyed in the move :(

I did manage to get a few mini's painted up recently, the rest are all based and ready to go so should be ready to hit the table soon, first up I painted a couple of squads of Kremlin Miniatures Cyberian Death Commandos. These guys are going to join the Cultists as the muscle for a Gruntz army, really liked the models when I got them as they have just enough detail but are still simple and fun to paint, I went for a more Totalitarian police state look rather than the usual red and I think they came out pretty cool:

Next up is a GZG Crusty combat walker, I wanted to try something different with the paint scheme as I was desperate to start using purple so I started by painting in all the gaps between the armour a bright green to try and create a more futuristic neon look. It's ok but I think it needs to be a lot more subtle:

Lastly but not least I did a test scheme on Octopod Seer Guard, it was quick and easy so the rest should take no time at all:

The most annoying thing is it would be great to game regularly with these but the few people I play with regularly are just too focused in on 40k to really be interested in other manufacturers and miniature lines, I mean it's great to be able to get to paint all these different mini's from different companies and sculptors but it does feel a little bitter sweet knowing some of them may never hit the table. So the plan is now to buckle down, get some forces finished, get some more terrain created and get some gaming in! Hopefully with some fully playable and larger battles I can get my mojo going again.