Monday, 21 November 2011

New Horizons

...And so it begins. A few months back I kind of stumbled upon/ran into a whole new world of wargaming, i'd been an avid 28mm gamer for a long time being brought up on Rogue Trader and just expanded from there. Painting and collecting, chasing the elusive dream of a complete force.
I was happy, but in recent years the increase in costs/frustration at rules just left me feeling boxed in.

Then along came 15mm, I really cant express how awesome this discovery has been for me! the figures, the rules, the community, I am trying to blog about my journey. Which leads me to....a whole new world of exploration of painting/collecting/photography/modelling.

I started off by picking up a few mini's from Ground Zero Games and just got cracking, here are the results:

and so to the first of my probs, playing around my camera I was having a few issues trying to get the light right and getting the camera to focus on the whole scene. I started off by painting up some USNC light Infantry, the models were great to paint and I really liked how they came out:

To back these guys up I grabbed some of the Spider Drones, when painting these up realized I had skipped over some cleanup and I tried a different paint scheme to contrast with the above troops:

I finally managed to get some better lighting sorted for the Spider Drones but must admit the close in shots show up so many painting defects! I still love the idea of multi legged combat walkers so to provide some heavy support to this group I added Gun Crab Walker, loved this model and the vision of it stepping over terrain firing of support shots:

Anyway, here was my first step into 15mm and I loved doing it all, the above took me just a week to build up and paint with an average of an hour a night so really a great plus for me! Only now I need to get some opposition painted up, some terrain sorted and get stuck into a few rule sets! :)


  1. Welcome to the freedom that is 15mm! :D

    I really like what you've done so far, especially the drones and the crab. I'm working on my own UNSC as well over at Fire Broadside. They really are great looking minis. Hehe!

    I'll follow your blog with interest!

  2. Thanks Martin!

    I keep checking back on your blog, now following!

    Liking your coverage of boardgames and space combat too.

  3. A little bit late to your blog, but then I'm a newbee myself! i've enjoyed reading through your older posts, and particularly the rules review. Thanks for posting-looking forward to more!

  4. Hey, thanks. I've been reading your blog too for a while, finally clicked to follow! :) Must admit I keep trawling ebay etc for cheap copies of older niche rulebooks to get some ideas...