Monday, 12 December 2011

Painting up the Reavau

Phew! Work and the run up to Christmas have really taken a bite out of my hobby time! BUT i've managed to paint up two squads of the Micropanzer Reavau, first up is the standard infantry unit:

and secondly i have literally just finished painting the kommando unit:

quite liked how these came out, I was tempted to paint their hand weapons as power swords etc but I like the concept of the high tech mixed with the primitive.

To paint these up I used:

Basecoat: Black.

1: Snakebite leather.
2: Ogryn flesh wash.
3: 2x highlight coats of Snakebite leather mixed with increasing amounts of Dwarf Flesh.

1. Dark flesh.
2: Ogryn Flesh Wash.
3: 2 x highlight coats of Dark flesh mixed with increasing amounts of Red Gore.

1: Goblin Green.
2: Thraka green Wash.
3. Highlight of Goblin Green and white, highlight of white.

Hand Weapons:
1: Graveyard earth.
2: Bleached bone.
3: Devlan Mud wash.
4. Bleached Bone/White highlight.

For the Base:
1: Graveyard Earth.
2: Desert Yellow.
3: Bleached Bone.

I still have the Beasts to paint up but the two squads here and the USNC squads below should give me a good starting point to get playing.

With luck I should be able to get a few posts out this week concerning the other items i've been working on! :)

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