Friday, 20 January 2012

Finally some Terrain!

Augh, very slow month with getting back to work and travelling I have not managed to get much painted, although I have pushed forward by increments on all the projects mentioned last month. My time has also been taken up going over "THAT" supposed leaked ruleset.

Several small packages arrived in the quest for looking for some Mecha alternatives, one of my favorite being these Chronoscope robots :

They were a little too small for 15mm Mecha but look good as Androids or AI bots:

I really hate the fact I didn't try and do the eyes on this GZG space crew female, think I am going to have to go back over hr and add the details, but the bot looks just right. I can't wait to get stuck in to the rest.

Terrain: I finally managed to finish my first terrain board, I went pretty much every wrong way about this but the end board is OK, it's not going to last forever but at least I learnt a few things on the way.

I started out by PVA gluing the MDF board and pouring a sand mix on, first lesson learnt, have enough sand! I ran woefully short so decided to spray on tile adhesive to harden the sand board, this simply made a part sanded board VERY sticky. Sooo, I made up a large sand mix, made a spray bottle up of watered down PVA and sprayed and sanded the whole board again, once this was dry I sprayed the board black, then painted with a cheap poster paint brown and then drybrushed a few lighter shades and added some grass flock.

Bits still drop off the board when rubbed but it should last a few games:

I also painted up the CD scatter terrain I made a couple of months ago, nothing too detailed, same base with grey drybrushed buildings and some spot colours added.

I also found some plastic throwaway fire alarm covers at work which look good as bunker buildings. Some old 28mm bits, bottle tops and zip ties produced this:

Only thing I need to do now is get on and play some games!!


  1. Nice work. I think the blue paint job on the GZG model reminds me of Rogue Trooper!

  2. Thanks Robin. I really like those Mercenary mini's, managed to finish painting the other 11 last night ready to get on the table!

    They'll work well as a couple of squads of Guln/Nerg.