Thursday, 16 February 2012

Into the Heart of things

Right, i'm getting to the point now where I have based up all my minis and have painted quite a few, got some terrain made up etc but i'm at a bit of a crossroads as to where to head of to next? Do I keep painting up war-bands for skirmish or start to pull in new elements and begin building up some forces for larger scale combats..I think i'm going to start pulling in some more troops and armour to match up with what I've already painted up and to hopefully start to get some cohesive paint schemes together.

Terrain wise I still need plenty more! I realized what I was missing during my last game and that's some kind of sense of height/verticle perspective with buildings etc, I want to start off with a north African or mudisley esque set of buildings so this week I have been researching these from buying pre painted through to casting my own.

Painting this week has been pretty good, managed to finish off all the GZG Mercenaries, love these sculpts so painting them was no chore. I think i'm going to use these at a couple of squads of Guln/Nerg for Gruntz as they fit the fluff pretty well. Definitely going to pick up the other Mercenary pack GZG sell as well to bolster this lot up.

To paint these I used the following for the basecoat (over black spray):

Skin: Enchanted Blue
Boots: Scorched Brown
Armour: Boltgun Metal
Leather: Bestial Brown
Trousers: Adeptus Battlegrey

Then washed the skin using Leviathan Purple and the rest of the model with Devlan Mud.
To highlight I mixed some bleached bone with the base colours and used some Mithril silver for the armour plates.
It's a pretty basic scheme but it was fairly quick to paint and I think it looks pretty effective, if I was going to change anything I wouldn't have used quite such a heavy mud wash on them as they dried quite dark.

Had a bit of a bargain turn up in the post this week from ebay :

A mixture of 12 Tom CATS and Wild CATS along with 16 Bio Soldiers from Rebel Minis, they need a little bit of work and I have started to re-base them but they should provide a substantial force! :)

Also this week to stop me getting too drained with the painting I got a bit of time to update the Fubar Mech one page rules with a few small changes such as:

- removed the mount points limits.
- removed limit on jump packs.
- Added restriction to Evasive actions for Heavy Mechs.
- Added some additional modifiers to the Damage charts depending on Mech class.
- Edited the layout of the document to provide more space for further work.

With some great input from Chris from the Basement Gaming Bunker (these changes were his ideas and I agree they fit well), the latest version can be found here. Hoping to get some play testing on this under way in the next few weeks once I have finished painting up some of these Mechs on my table.

Got cracking making some new pics of my mini's ready to create some cards for Gruntz, I used Gimp to format the images and then Inkscape to read in the PDF templates and alter the details. Looking pretty good so far, will get these printed/carded and ready to roll soon. :)

All in all a fairly productive week, got some travelling to do next week but it's pay day as well so I am eyeing up some big hitters! Enjoy. :)


  1. Hmm... seems to be something weird going on as all the image links are broken. :(

  2. Hi, looks like it on all the blogspot sites :( Getting broken links across the board...

  3. Replies
    1. Ah, there we go! Although I still can't click on them to make them larger, that might be on my end though. :P

      Love the mercs! The blue skin really emphasize that they're actually aliens and not just space ogryns. Good stuff!

      The Gruntz cards look good as well! I would like to start stating my EarthSec/UNSC and although I've installed Inkscape I really don't have any idea of what I'm doing. Do you have blank templates or something you could perhaps share?

    2. Ah, got the images fixed for this post, blogger does not it when I drag them round the page....

      Thanks, it was good fun painting some skin in a colour that's actually alien.

      I used the pdf templates that came with gruntz via wargamevault, do you have those? Inkscape can import in a page from the pdf, I then used gimp to get my images ready and copied them into Inkscape. Used the standard text tool to get the numbers in. It's not too bad, takes a little while but i'm sure it will speed up once i'm used to it more!

  4. Snowy! Hi from Gruntz forum! Love your cards!