Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mopping up and baking rulebooks

Well, with my Khurasan and oldglory orders still not arriving this week I spent the time catching up. I managed to base up all the Kremlin mini's from last week but I am waiting to before basing and spraying them. I have been using a plasti coat matt black but the coverage is pretty awful and I have to black coat everything twice, going back to Helfords matt black car spray which I got pretty used to in the past.
I still have a pile of Rebel Mini's Mechs to paint up but keep putting them off as I don't like painting vehicles.... I got stuck in to some mini's that have been in my box for a while, first up are some Cyborg Enslavers from, they came free with an order I made a while back but I have not found a place to put them yet. The details are really soft on these and I was not too sure just how to paint them but they might fit in somewhere:

The other mini's I finished this week were a pack of GZG UNSC SAW Gunners, I had a go at speed painting these (all done in 2 hours including bases) by using base/wash/highlight and they look okish, alright for gaming on the table but not fantastic close up:

Elsewhere I received a copy of TooFatLardies Sharp Practice in print form, I dallied a while over whether to get a pdf copy but I figured I could never get a better quality printout (and I don't think I could get away with printing it out at work!), the book was a really nice gloss paper edition and I was glad I bought it..... until I dropped it in the bath!!!! bollocks! so then I baked it in the oven to dry it out......I now have a crinkly and crispy copy of the rulebook....lesson learnt. Only had a brief read through the rules but what I read inspired me to get the game to the table, the original idea was to get the terrible sharp sword supplement and game ACW but sharp Practice got me reading up on the Napoleonic Wars (of which I was VERY ignorant of) and I am keen to get hold of some miniatures and paint them up.

Which got me a little lost, when did 18mm become 15mm??? seems some of best 15mm Napoleonics are not 15mm at all such as Blue Moon, but they do look good. So I got a little lost as to where I was going to get some from but it looks like I might go for the Blue Moon mini's depending on how long it takes my last oldglory order to reach me. To be honest I weighed it up this way, just how many opponents was I likely to face with these? zip I have to buy and paint up both sides which makes it a moot point if they are a little bigger than other 15mm models.
Work continues on the Fubar Mech Scenarios and the new rules ideas but at a slow pace, I only get an hour or two each night and cramming everything in takes time! Also I have to hit the road again next week so things will slow down again, but it's ok as I think I need a break between painting to keep things fresh. Also I have found a few wargaming groups near to me, within a 45 minute drive which might be worth getting in touch with....


  1. Not a bad paint scheme for those Enslavers. I've been wondering what to do with those figures myself... this brings a bit more life to them than a picture of bare metal.

    And yes, your brain might blow up if you try to wrap it around the 15mm/18mm nonsense. In a nutshell, in some cases (Command Decision moderns, for example) 15mm means "15mm from sole of boot to top of head." To others (most sci-fi) it means "15mm from sole of boot to eye level," giving an overall height of 18mm.

    When it comes right down to it, the "Xmm" scales (6mm, 15mm, 28mm, whatever) are open enough to interpretation that they are almost useless. I've been trying to use the term "1:100" to describe this type of sci-fi stuff. It's a consistent and measurable scale, and far easier on the brain. :)

  2. Thanks Chris, yeah the height differences between some of the models can be quite extreme with the larger cultists I had recently compared to some rebel mini marines, they look like super humans! but then on the table and at a distance they all blend in.