Tuesday, 3 April 2012

15mm PMC Games building terrain review

Self made or never made....this is the way I have been working for quite a while now, building my own terrain, creating my own ruleset and even looking into sculpting my own miniatures but these all take time and unfortunately with travel commitments and other things I have found it hard to keep up with any of these, let alone painting!

So, I was on the lookout for some price friendly ready made buildings and terrain to fill in some gaps on my boards and just get me down to the gaming quicker. I had heard of PMC games before but had little luck finding them until I came across this ebay seller in the UK who appeared to be selling their terrain. I purchased 4 tunisian/arab 15mm ruined buildings from them for the great price of £7.99 including postage, they looked about right to fit in with some future desert worlds. The buildings took four days to arrive and were really well packed, they appear to be made from some type of hard plaster (lots of bubbling on the underside of the buildings) and come pre painted and textured. The painting is simple with details like doors etc blocked in, I might do a little bit more drybrushing on them but they can really just go straight on the board. The largest building has a removeable roof as seen in the pic below:

Overall I really like these buildings, the one negative point I would say is that they don't quite appear to be fully 15mm in scale, not sure if this is due to some shrinkage in the plaster when drying but the doors seem to only measure up to 12mm in height. It makes some models look pretty big but when you put this into perspective with troops expecting to be taller than the average human and some manufacturers playing loose with the 15mm scale it fits, once on the table it's not too noticeable.

To sum up I am really happy with the purchase, the price is great (£2 per building! which taking into account just how long it took me to make my own buildings is a bargain) and I will definitely be getting more as the quality was perfect for gaming with. I could fill a 2x2 board for under £30 with a mixture of the PMC games buildings, and I keep checking back with the seller I got them from as they keep adding new building sets and other terrain.


  1. Good find! I've never seen them before... will have to see how much he charges for international shipping.

    -Chris K.

  2. Thanks for this. I think that PMC only do 25/28mm these days so your find sounds interesting. I imagine that they would fit in with 10mm too.