Sunday, 8 April 2012

Manitou and Mech Scenarios

Not too much progress in the past couple of weeks as I was away again, but looking forward I should be at home a fair bit now so hopefully get some projects finished :)
I did manage to paint up some Kremlin miniatures Red Banner Manitou before I left, they came out ok but I was hoping for a more sinister finish, perhaps black helmets and a darker colour scheme overall may have done the job.

While away I was able to finish off a set of 5 Mech Scenarios that I have been working on to go alongside the Fubar Mech rules I have been playing with, they are lightweight scenarios loosely based on 90's arcade games....sounds a little goofy but I wanted some fast paced action and was trying out some different ideas. The scenarios could easily be adapted to another ruleset. The full set in pdf can be found here while the first scenario is below. Still on the scenario subject does anyone know any good map making software? I have been using inkscape to produce them but with little knowledge of it they are coming out pretty basic.

Scenario 1: Greased Pig Scientist


An unhinged genius from one of the big corporations has made a breakthrough in the development of a high performance chemical fuel that could be worth untold riches. The scientist and corporation are understandably cagey regarding the discover and information being leaked to the other big corporations…..which works well for you as they have paid a number of Mercenary teams to discretely enter the site and kidnap the scientist.
Which might be easier said than done!

Turns: 5

Recommended Forces:
As the Terrain layout is expected to be fairly dense the two teams should be made up of a small number of Mechs. I.e. three to each side to cover the centre and sides while the scientist runs wild and the Mechs try to take each other out.

Victory Conditions:
At the end of the 5th turn the player with a Mech within 2” of the scientist wins. If both players have a Mech within 2” then they draw. If neither player has a Mech within 2” of the scientist then they both lose and the scientist scarpers!

Special Rules:
The Scientist cannot be killed under any circumstances. On each players turn roll two different coloured D6, one for direction and one for his movement. Then move him in the direction indicated below. If the scientist reaches the table edge or another obstacle (buildings, trees, Mech) he immediately turns and moves in the opposite direction using any remaining moves.

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