Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Rebel Mini's Tom CATs

Had these Rebel Mini Tom CATs sat on my desk for a fair few months and then between some 28mm painting last week to break things up I grabbed them and whipped up them up for the table pretty fast. I think all six and bases took just under three hours to get finished, started with Base paints, wash then highlight up a couple of quick layers. I wanted to try out a paint scheme for a larger project I have coming up and the orange looks ok but I think I prefer the captain with his dirty white contrast.

Got six of the Wild CATs to paint up as well but they can wait till a rainy day, in the meantime I'm awaiting delivery of Mantic's Warpath mini's - The new 2.0 ruleset is pretty robust with alternate activation etc and it looks like it might scale to 15mm pretty well.

1 comment:

  1. Good color choices - I espcially like the blue combat blades.

    From the neck down, I prefer the orange to the white. But the head is just too... orange. Maybe the majority of the head should be the main body color, with just the raised detail picked out in orange (like the main body and legs)? It would also help the red eyes stand out.