Monday, 29 October 2012

Catching up

Woah, almost been three months since I updated! Huge amount going on here but my hobby time just keeps getting squeezed and squeezed, although i've had a reprieve over the past few weeks so hopefully get some more updates in.

First up I managed to get a nicely printed copy of the Gruntz rules, my older printout was falling apart and I wanted a copy I could grab and go with. Also, using the great Gruntomatic tool I managed to create cards for almost all my squads and vehicles! Blitzed the lot in one go, printed them and sleeved them up ready to just grab and play:

Been getting some games of Gruntz in lately and looking forward to version 1.1 coming out soon, I might be able to get a review of the current rules out before then.

Painting wise I finally caught up and painted all the GZG Crusties I had sat in boxes:

Also I had a go at speed painting some Khurasan War Robots, all in all the two squads took 2 hours including basing. I just base painted, washed and then a quick highlight on the lot, the pics make them look quite garish but they look fine on the table. I had to do something as with so little time I really just wanted to get these on to the table easily and without too much fuss.

I've been worrying about whether to keep this blog just 15mm but to be honest I enjoy so much in the hobby I thought i'd open it up a bit, hopefully someone will find something interesting in it.
I have been a fan of Mantic Games output for some time so when the TrollTrader started selling the Fate of the Forgestar boxed sets for £25 a pop I grabbed a box and started putting them together:

The box is great value for money, large number of minis and the vehicles are nicely done, although the forgefathers are based off the kings of war dwarf sprues so include the crossbow dwarf as a base for half the models, I really hated the sculpt of that one piece before and even with scifi detailing I was not endeared to it. Anyway, while painting these up the dreadBall kickstarter came up and looked great, so I was all in on the first day, great idea, great look and I was really looking forward to it but in an odd twist of fate I heard some great news, the TrollTrader were opening a store near to where I live!!! I mean a true independent games store within driving distance, woohoo! So as soon as I could I got over there ad it's a nice big store with racks of Flames of war/dystopian wars/dropship horizon/warmachine/hordes and a rack of Mantic items. Nice place but while there I asked around about the Mantic items and no one was interested, really not interested, hardly anyone had heard of DreadBall and the store owner was explaining they were having trouble trying to even give the Mantic goods away. It did leave a sour taste, I didn't want to spend over £100 on a game that might never see play, so I spent the money of Warmachine instead as everyone there had the tables setup with regular players and games, it seemed like a good "scene" to join:

Anyway, after getting myself setup, learning the rules etc I packed my army up went across to the games find ALL the players sat at tables playing Magic the Gathering, the new shiny. I really should have known better, with an independent store changing games etc depending on popularity the dynamics of players can change pretty quickly. But, lesson learnt i'm going to leave it a few weeks for the MTG frenzy to die down and hopefully get a few games in and besides, I have been eyeing up some historical periods again .... :)

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