Friday, 4 January 2013

Gunning for the new year

Hey everyone, hope you had a good new years and are geared up to conquer your lead mountains this year!

Really very happy that the last four months of last year are over, had to get a new qualification for work and the study and course/exam time took up all of my spare time, very stressful but so far...this year looks clear! A whole year of wargaming woohooo!!

So... where to start? I managed to finish off my Khador starter box ready to hit the table, kept it simple, base/wash/highlight - just a few more models and I should have a 35 point army ready for some play:

For Christmas I got a copy of Warlord games Black Powder rules, great book and a great set of rules, the ethos and humor in the book makes for a great read and it really inspired me to get moving and put some models down.

 I've started with my first pack of Pendrakens new range of 10mm ACW Union soldiers and got them based ready to play, it was pretty tricky painting these as I was not ready for just how bloody small they were! but after a bit of squinting I got good setup going and managed to knock through these, so much so that i've ordered a few more packs to be getting on with.

Regarding the basing, this seems like a mind field depending on who you ask as everyone has a different viewpoint, so I went for ..... with 6 infantry to a base, it looks ok but might make it more dense with 8/10 to a base. It's not a huge issue for me as i'll be painting up and basing both armies so they should match each other well.

The ACW mini's I have ordered have been the first i've bought in months as I am still on a self imposed  quarantine to try and reduce the backlog of figures I have knocking around but the good news is I have  a good number of blog posts already started for some of the other games I have been playing and working on. So hopefully see you soon!

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