Saturday, 19 January 2013

15mm Characters and Forgefathers

Hey, I was able to get a few 15mm mini's painted and others this week, I still have a full shelf space of unpainted mini's but my attitude to painting them has changed, it feels good to be able just grab a few and paint them when i've got the time rather than trying to go full steam trying to paint full armies.
First up I grabbed this Draccian, I picked it up as single the December before last but it had sat on the shelf for a while, I wanted to keep it old school green.

Next up I finished off a few more Mantic Forge Fathers, i've put together the entire boxed set but just can't see myself painting tens of tens of orx again....

Flipping back to 15mm I pulled a Senior Imperial officer off the shelf from and the Laserburn range, there's a lot of character to these mini's that really hides the age they were sculpted and surpasses many later ranges. Good fun to paint, I tried some lighter tones but I feel I don't have the skill/patience yet to really make these colors pop, also I copped out on painting the eyes again, no biggy but when you get close they lose a little character.

I was going to set the tale up for a few games when I discovered I have very little terrain, either 15mm or 28mm, so I pulled out a sheet of foam card and cracked out a few ruins in an hour, still have three more sheets so I should be able to get a table full soon. Although I have been looking at the battlefield in a box pre painted range as I have no woods/trees and they look pretty good but then there's always the post new year fake xmas tree sell off....

The last 15mm mini I painted was this Laserburn Merchant/hero, it's tricky to see what character he is on the site but when got to painting him I realized just what a bloody amazing sculpt this is, considering the size this just felt like the perfect match between scale and detail.


  1. I do like the Laserburn range. There are some very nice figures in it.

  2. Very nice Kelvin- an interesting collection that you don't see as often as some!