Monday, 14 January 2013

PAW 2013

On February 2nd and 3rd the Plymouth Association of Wargamers host their annual wargames show, PAW and this year I am finally going! This also happens to be my first ever wargames show so I am very excited!

Booked the train tickets ready to get up there with a couple of friends and I have been going over the traders and games lists to see what might interest me, traders wise it's an interesting mix but there are a few I would quite like to take a look at in person, also a fair few games to take a look at:

MJ Figures: The original creator of the infamous 15mm "space marines", they still have the 15mm spice range that might be worth a look and their 20mm Sand Wars range looks pretty good, might even be able to pick up one of the sand worms for some 15mm scenarios!

Black Scorpion Miniatures: Great looking range of 28mm resin pirates, fantasy football teams and western mini's. Nicely priced too. They also have a rulebook called Cutlass that's co penned by Gav Thorpe, be nice to take a look.

Angel Barracks: I have been following the development of the sci fi 6mm range from here for quite a while and when I saw they are going to be at PAW I just had to go.  I quite fancy creating a few quick forces to play out using the Fubar 6mm variant and with figures, vehicles and scenery now in the range  it would be rude not to pick some up!

There is also the Ministry of Boardgames to see what's in stock and a hopefully huge bring and buy, still going to check out all the other traders as there may well be some surprises :)

Games wise I am hoping to check out the following tables:

Kings of war
8mm sci fi
Battle Cars
Dystopian Wars
Victorian sci fi

and maybe a few others! Plenty there to keep us all occupied for the day.

Taking my camera with me so I should have plenty of pics in a few weeks time.

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