Monday, 2 September 2013

In which I have a go..

Ever since I picked up my first 15mm miniatures and checked through the sculptors blogs i've wondered "could I do that?", so I had a go.
On a budget I grabbed the following kit, a strip of green stuff, some florists wire, a set of sculpting tools, a cork and a box to hold it all.

All of the kit above cost me less than a tenner so no harm done. Next up I needed somewhere to start with sculpting, I used the guide here on the Hour of Wolves blog to create an armature and was surprised at just how easy it was! Next up was the hard part, sitting down and getting to make something. Originally I was going to create some designs and work from them but I was itching to get going and so just got stuck in! and ended up with what looks like a mutant wanting to ballroom dance:

To be honest, the pics are blown up here and it does look a lot better in person, hopefully I will get it painted up soon and it will look a little better.

Overall this took me a few hours on and off to get finished and it gave me a real appreciation for the miniature sculptors out there. Looking at sculpts now it's so impressive how the straight lines of armour and how the minute facial details are created. One things for sure it has certainly driven me on to practise more and to see what else I can create!

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