Monday, 2 September 2013

Mantic Kings of War armies

I've finally completed a project!!!! ish...

A couple of years ago I picked up the kings of war 2 player starter set and vowed to build and paint all the miniatures in the box in two weeks, the project was almost the end of my enjoyment of the wargaming hobby and I learnt a big lesson, never put too much pressure on yourself to complete a project.
It took a few days to put everything together and I managed to paint a group or two but I wasn't happy with the results, rushing myself to get them finished I got sloppy and ended up putting everything back in the box and shelving it for a while.

Fast forward to this year, earlier in the year I decided to stop buying any more wargaming rulebooks, the huge number on the market and my shelf felt like they were watering down my concentration and enjoyment of the hobby, but then I saw the kings of war hardback book going cheap.....and what a breath of fresh air it was!! The rules are light and easy to read yet you can see the strategy within and the full set of army lists at the back give a huge choice of forces to get gaming with, I was surprised to find within the elves list a number of units to match a wood elves army, I might finally manage to bring them to the table (picked up warhammer 8th and the wood elf army book but just got frustrated with the disparity and complexity between the books so it never made it to the table).

Not quite as big as the undead horde but with a few elven allies...
I pulled the box off the shelf and got a game in and really enjoyed it so it spurred me on to finish the miniatures, I grabbed a can of army painter bone spray, picked a four colour scheme and an army painter wash and got to work. I took it a lot easier this time and aimed for a table ready finish and just picked them up here and there, along the way I bought a Dwarf king and some more undead units and finally finished the lot. The only part missing at this point are the bases, everything is currently based on cardboard but it gets the job done. It's a good feeling, finishing these off for gaming and I like the idea of being able to casually pick up a new unit, paint it up and get it on the table, would I do it again? not sure on that one, it takes a determined mindset to get stuck into army painting and at the moment its been nice to step back and paint a few individual models.

Champions, wraiths, zombies, ghouls, skeletons...the gangs all here!
I can really recommend Kings of War and the fantasy miniatures they produce, Mantic themselves have been under fire regarding the quality of what they produce and to be honest some of the sculpts in the range are stinkers but with the internet i'm pretty sure everyone is able to find photos of the models and decide what they want regarding detail and price, all of of the models in the photos above and the hardback rulebook all together cost me less than £50 so i'm more than happy with what I got and the fun it brings to the table.

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