Thursday, 19 September 2013

The games that never make it..

Here's a sad story, sat on my shelf is this fleet:

A few years ago a friend and I decided to build some fleets and play Battlefleet Gothic so we picked up a few models to get ready and printed out all the rulebooks, made up our templates etc and set to work painting up our least I did, my friend fell behind and could never find time to put his fleet fully together let alone paint it so we kept putting off playing. It's also worth mentioning that when we get together for games he prefers to only play when all the models on the table are painted, no bad thing per say as when we do get games in they looks great all finished and ready to go. But it does mean that this fleet may never see the table :(

It just got me thinking that with a small mountain of unpainted minis, whats the point? Would I prefer to never play these games or just fill the table and go for it? So i'll apologize in advance, you might see some naked models on here once in a while but i'm going to get my game on!

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